Payment Terminal for QuickBooks


Payment Terminal is an easy-to-use and intuitive add-on software which connects Transaction Express® , TransFirst’s secure payment gateway, and your QuickBooks® accounting software to help streamline your workflow, processes and operations. This solution provides real-time payment processing of invoices, statement charges and sales receipts to Transaction Express. Upon an approved transaction response the software will automatically post the customer payment into QuickBooks,
eliminating double entry. 

Payment Terminal works with QuickBooks Pro®, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant versions 2009 – 2015. You can select customers and items to pay, process eCheck and swiped or keyed credit card transactions in real-time, store multiple payment methods per QuickBooks customer in a secure PCI compliant and tokenized vault, pull and post customer information to and from QuickBooks and process monthly invoice billing. Payment Terminal supports single or multiuser QuickBooks, multiple QuickBooks company files, desktop and server installations, remote desktops and even multiple merchant accounts.

Improve efficiency and accuracy, save time and money through automation and elimination of double entry, and keep your processing safe and secure with an end-to-end PCI Compliant solution.

QuickBooks Payment Terminal Features

Highlights of the Payment Terminal for QuickBooks include:

  • Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant 2009 – 2015
  • Processes ACH transactions, swiped or keyed credit card transactions in real-time
  • Pays invoices, statement charges and sales receipts or takes an unapplied payment
  • Automatically applies payments immediately to QuickBooks
  • Pulls and posts data to eliminate double entry
  • Provides multiple customer processing for periodic billing
  • Stores multiple payments with full AVS info per customer and job
  • Delivers multiple user and multiple merchant account support
  • Delivers multiple desktop and multiple server user support
  • Includes Level 1 PCI Compliant secure credit card and ACH customer data vault
  • Provides end-to-end PCI and tokenized processing to Transaction Express

Benefits of Transaction Express and QuickBooks Terminal

  • Improved Efficiency – Streamline your operation with automated real-time processing and posting of payment into QuickBooks.
  • Improved Accuracy – Reduce human error issues caused by multiple entries and payment posting.
  • Saves Time and Money – Automated real-time processing and posting reduces hours of employee time spent processing transactions, posting payments and interacting with customer information, helping to improve your bottom-line.
  • Powerful and Secure – Transaction Express integrated with the Payment Terminal for QuickBooks provides an end-to-end PCI-SSC and PCI-DSS compliant payment processing solution.

The Payment Terminal for QuickBooks is one of the many processing and reporting solutions from TransFirst that can help you grow your business. Talk to a TransFirst representative  today to learn how to eliminate paperwork, reduce accounting time and expenses, and increase your productivity with the Payment Terminal for QuickBooks.

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