Equinox T4220 IP Terminal

equinox t4220

The Equinox T4220 countertop terminal is one of the most capable Internet and dialup terminals in the industry, delivering IP performance and security that’s second to none.

TransFirst provides device-specific information for the T4220 below:

Click here for product information about the Equinox T4220.*

Activation Instructions

TransFirst’s Activation Department calls merchants within 24 hours of their receipt of their new terminal to assist them in the activation process. Before your pre-scheduled training and installation call with our representative, please review the following information to be ready for the call:

  1. Bankcard processing terminals work best with a dedicated analog line, which is a telephone line that has its own telephone number, much like a fax machine.
  2. The telephone line from the terminal into the telephone wall jack should not be on a splitter and should instead be plugged directly into the wall jack.
  3. If your new Merchant Services terminal will share a line with the telephone that will be used during the training call, you may want to have a cell phone available during the training. Please be sure to give us this information when we contact you, and provide the cell phone number that the training representative may call.
  4. If your telephone system requires an access number to dial out (for example 9 or 8), please be sure to let us know when you are contacted to schedule your training appointment.

Date and Time Instructions

Press [Function][1][0][Enter] Enter Password
Key in Password [Enter]
Enter Date MMDDYY
Key in Correct Date [Enter] Enter Time HHM
Key in [HHMM]* [Enter] Idle Prompt
* Military Format, I.E. 1 PM = 1300

Batch Closing Instructions

SETTLEMENT (Closes Batch)
Press [Settle] Enter Password
Key in Password [Enter]
Sales Total $0.00
Press [Enter] for Yes Refund Total $0.00
Press [Enter] for Yes Report Prints Out
Note: An RB or QD on the Report means the batch did not transmit successfully.
Call Merchant Services.

*Hypercom USA is now known as Equinox Payments. Equinox products and services include all of the payment terminals Hypercom previously offered in the United States.


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