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Once you’ve made the choice to incorporate mobile payment card processing with TransFirst®‘s PayFox® into your business, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the ease, convenience and flexibility it delivers.  And with the level of support TransFirst offers its mobile merchants, you’ll never have to worry again about missing out on sales in outdoor venues and remote areas that were previously cash only.

The process is as simple as setting up a mobile merchant account with TransFirst and downloading the free app from the iTunes* App Store or Google Play Store that enables you to accept payment cards almost anywhere. Swipe the card through the card reader attached to your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device, receive an immediate authorization to complete the sale and email a receipt to your customer.

Should a question about some aspect of PayFox arise, we’ve set up this easy-to-use online support section to help you find answers.


Mobile processing with PayFox enables you to accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® credit cards as well as signature debit cards on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Learn more about PayFox and available support from TransFirst.

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Have a question about some aspect of TransFirst®’s mobile processing solution PayFox®? We’ve set up this online support section to help.

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