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The electronic payments field is not a one-solution-fits-all industry. Diverse merchants have diverse requirements, and TransFirst® understands that.

As a payment processor with years of experience, we understand that the old “cookie cutter” approach to small business credit card processing just doesn’t work in today’s marketplace. That’s why we work hard to understand each client’s unique situation, the competition he or she faces and the trends that affect the way he or she does business — and we constantly strive to meet all our clients’ needs for specialized merchant services and transaction processing.

Choose your industry below and learn about the payment processing solutions we offer for your business needs:

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If you didn’t find your specific industry listed here, don’t worry! TransFirst has a long history of working to provide credit card payment systems to a wide variety of merchants and service providers, so chances are we already have experience in your industry or business sector.

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Retail transaction


Payment processing POS systems, including terminals and a payment gateway.

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Ecommerce add to cart payment

E-commerce Industry Processing

An Internet merchant account from TransFirst powers online business.

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Restaurant symbols


Industry-specific credit card processing solutions for restaurants and food service.

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automotive merchant's car lot


Custom-designed processing solutions, state-of-the art products and services.

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Health and medical icons


Meeting the unique processing needs of various medical specialties.

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Non-profit organization icons


Innovative donation and payment processing solutions simplify charitable giving.

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Financial association icons


Benefit from TransFirst’s superior, association-focused services and support.

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Customized payment processing and service for governmental entities.

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Mid-Market Corporate Sales

Multiple product and services options for higher volume merchants.

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