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When you conduct business in the field or at customers’ homes, you need a payment processing solution that is up to the challenge. TransFirst® delivers with PayFox, allowing you to accept credit card payments wherever and whenever the need arises. Watch this video to learn more.

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    You want to accept credit cards, but how can you process the payments when your business is conducted out of the office, in the field? It’s easy with PayFox.

    PayFox turns your Apple or Android mobile device into a payment processing terminal, so you can accept credit and debit card payments on the go, wherever you do business with your customers.

    With PayFox, you can accept all major credit and signature debit cards. You can hand-key the card number or use the optional card reader to swipe the customer’s card and get lower swipe rates. Your customer simply signs onscreen and an email receipt is sent to both of you at the end of the transaction.

    But PayFox gives you more than just a card swiper. PayFox includes state-of-the-art data security and fraud detection features, including SSL connection, immediate acceptance or decline, address verification and CVV-two customer identification.

    You’ll also enjoy the convenience of geo-location technology, add-ons for gratuities and tips, and customer contact storage capabilities. And you get it all with twenty-four-seven merchant support.
    PayFox works with iPhone 3G and above, iPad and most Android phones 2 point 0 and over. And there are card readers available for all of these devices.

    When you decide to accept mobile credit card payments, remember to think about the technology and the company you’ll be working with. There’s more involved than just a swiper. You’ll want to choose a payment processor that will offer you choices, support and all the information you need to help you save money and grow your business.



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