Payment Gateways and the Future of Point-of-Sale in the Cloud

Payment Gateways and the Future of POS in The Cloud

You may have heard about “the Cloud” but don’t really know what it means. The Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet — its name derived from the abstract nature of both the Internet and clouds. Cloud computing is the use of multiple server computers over a digital network as if they were one. The tremendous growth in Cloud computing over the past five years has lead to the increased development of web-based software. All signs indicate the future of point of sale will reside in the Cloud.

Merchants are discovering numerous advantages of adopting web-based software technology for their business in the form of payment gateways. A payment gateway linked to a merchant account is an online system for processing credit card or other payment transactions in real-time. The payment gateway facilitates the coordination of communicating a payment transaction between the various backend payment networks or banks. It usually provides additional features such including an online virtual terminal for manually processing transactions, transaction reports and more.

As a leading merchant service provider, TransFirst® offers proprietary payment gateway solutions for merchants with TransAction Central® and Transaction Express®. Our technology is always PCI compliant to minimize the risk of data breaches.

Payment gateways allow merchants to accept multiple payment types whenever and wherever their business dictates. It’s an ideal credit card processing solution for mobile merchants and a cost-effective alternative to point-of-sale terminals.

By accessing a payment gateway for credit card processing, you can accept payments over the counter, over the phone or over the Internet with a single integrated system through any web-enabled device such as smartphones, desktop computers, laptop computers or tablets.

Web-based software technology in business has been spurred on by major industry trends:

  • Lowered cost for Cloud-based hosting
  • Increased number of smartphone and tablet owners increasing Internet connectivity
  • Merchants recognition of expanding opportunities to reach consumers — and increase profitability through business applications
  • Improved web-based technology enables software to operate faster — and more efficiently for an enhanced user experience

If you are unfamiliar with storing data in the Cloud, it may seem risky. You might feel it’s complicated and unsafe — but the opposite is actually true. In a PCI-complaint Cloud infrastructure, all information is password protected and more secure than any local data-storage medium.

TransFirst takes a proactive and comprehensive approach to secure processing. Our representatives are thoroughly familiar with Cloud computing and can explain to you, in simple terms, its application in credit card processing.

Our proprietary payment gateways, TransAction Central and Transaction Express, provide the functionality of a terminal combined with comprehensive reporting for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer merchants.

Other benefits of web-based point-of-sale payment processing are insights that can be gained from business analytics, having more control over inventory and eliminating the need to purchase payment processing software or special credit card terminals. And you won’t have to purchase extra hard drives to back up critical data since web-based software does it for you. Data is backed up constantly and authorized managers have access to it at all times.

There are many money and time-saving benefits for merchants adopting Cloud-based point-of-sale technology:

  • When using payment gateway functionality to accept credit cards in your business, TransFirst® maintains the payment processing technology. This frees you up to focus on running your business.
  • Because all web-based software applications run on any web browser via an Internet connection, payment gateways are conveniently accessible through any Internet-enabled device 24/7.
  • You will always be operating on the latest version of the product and never have any disks to install or software to download.
  • With web-based software there are no mandatory updates or installations for merchants to implement. Eliminating that downtime is a huge advantage for retailers, restaurants and other businesses that experience high- traffic times, to avoid missing out on potential sales.

Less cost and more efficiency have merchants feeling on Cloud nine. With web-based point-of-sale solutions, merchants can focus on what matters most — growing a successful business.


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