About Merchant-Flo

TransFirst® is pleased to offer an exclusive online service called Merchant-Flo® that is revolutionizing the merchant account application process for merchants and sales agents alike. From start to finish, Merchant-Flo is a win–win proposition for everyone.

How Merchant-Flo Works

Merchant-Flo is a merchant-facing application that can be completed and e-signed by the merchant without any assistance from an agent. It allows merchants to complete fewer fields and provides a user-friendly interface that’s easy for them to understand and fill out by themselves.

Once the merchant completes the application, they sign it electronically with their fingertip on a touch screen or with a few strokes of their mouse. Their merchant account application is then ready for approval and boarding.* If at any time issues arise in the process, TransFirst notifies the sales agent by email so they can attend to them as needed.

Since the application is completed and signed online, physical paperwork has been eliminated. Steps that used to be time consuming, redundant and potentially error prone can now be completed in short order. Merchants love the easy online application and signature capabilities, and sales agents love the speed and accuracy Merchant-Flo delivers.

Merchant-Flo Advantages

Merchant-Flo offers a number of distinct advantages over the traditional application process , including:

  • Merchant-Flo’s fast, simple and unassisted application and e-sign process gives sales professionals a much-needed resource to attract and convert important potential customers by simply sending them an email link or directing to our website to get the application started.
  • With fewer fields to fill in, Merchant-Flo requires far less information than a standard application, which translates into a less-intimidating experience for merchants.
  • Completing the online application is flexible and can be performed by merchants on their own, or an agent can partially or fully assist them, have them review it and fill in any missing data, and then sign it directly online.
  • The customer signs just once and that signature is applied to multiple documents.
  • Incomplete or abandoned applications can be restarted at any time, allowing the agent to salvage a potentially lost sale.
  • All merchant documentation is stored in one place, and all corresponding documentation can be directly uploaded to the application, keeping supporting documentation at your fingertips.
  • Customize Merchant-Flo for your brand by adding your own logo to the application, strengthening the merchant’s perception that Merchant-Flo is part of your business.
  • Open up new markets with Merchant-Flo’s merchant-facing application by creating a web-based marketing campaign to enhance your agent-based sales efforts.
  • Streamline the boarding process for new customers without the need for dedicated sales agents.
  • Strengthen your existing product if you sell payment processing as part of a general services offering by complementing your strategy and making it easy to implement.

With Merchant-Flo, applications can be completed and signed in a matter of minutes, instead of days, increasing your productivity and introducing more opportunities to write new business.

Learn more about what Merchant-Flo can do for your merchant acquisitions. Complete the form on this page and a TransFirst consultant will respond quickly to help you get started.

*All merchant accounts subject to credit approval. Some restrictions and exclusions may apply.



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