Credit Card Processing for Not-for-profit

The American tradition of generous charitable giving remains strong, despite recent economic uncertainty. Contributions to not-for-profit organizations continue to increase to over $200 billion annually, according to a recent report by Giving USA™, with the majority of the growth converting to electronic donations.

You can help your not-for-profit organization clients realize their greatest potential by making one aspect of their operation — donation and payment processing — easier by teaming up with TransFirst®.Our approach is to offer innovative solutions for credit card processing for non-profit organizations and our partners that serve them.

As donations move from paper check to electronic payments, and from one time donations to recurring billing, it is critical that non-profits to have a trusted partner like TransFirst that understands and can help navigate the course.

Customized Solutions

TransFirst’s referral partnership program provides customized donation and payment processing that integrate our products and services with yours. We offer both online and point-of-sale solutions specifically tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations, and a thorough understanding of how their needs are drastically different than those of traditional retail.

With TransFirst, you can integrate credit card and ACH processing into your systems with a value proposition that is realized on two levels — the non-profit organizations and the companies that they serve.

Value Proposition for Non-Profits

With TransFirst, non-profits can directly benefit from numerous value propositions, including:

  • A trusted partner of many leading organizations in the non-profit vertical space who trust us as their processor, including 25,000 non-profit organizations.
  • Expertise with charitable interchange rates, so we can help our non-profit clients process at the lowest possible cost.
  • Extensive experience in non-profit software applications for integrated payment solutions, including our own processes and infrastructure that allow us to control every aspect of the transaction.
  • End-to-end integrated solution that streamlines and manages the payment transaction from swipe to settle, increasing efficiency, reducing errors and saving money.
  • Multiple payment options — including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®*, Discover® and PayPal at the point of sale†, ACH and manual recurring payments — all consolidated under one funding account and statement and one customer service model.*
  • Simplified payment management with one monthly statement, combined deposit, faster payment and one price for all card brands.
  • Recurring transaction  function securely stores donor’s credit card information for recurring and/or repeat billing.
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based customer support to handle any questions that may arise.

Benefits for Our Partners

Highlights of TransFirst’s program that can benefit your business are:

  • Not-for-Profit sector interchange management
  • Seamless integration with your existing business application software
  • Fast, online signup via enrollment form
  • Electronic application reduces time and increases accuracy of application processing with minimal information requirements
  • PCI compliance and tokenization technologies prevent card holder data from touching your application and bypass the burden of keeping cardholder data on file.
  • Dedicated teams to support partnership and non-profits
  • Generous revenue sharing programs for our partners

The TransFirst Advantage

Become part of the credit card processing for not-for-profits payments solution for your clients by working with a company that can fulfill all your needs. Your clients’ positive experiences with TransFirst can translate to improved customer retention and potential increased revenue for you.

Additionally, you will benefit from an assigned project coordinator who will work with both your business and your non-profit client to customize marketing materials to help you sell the benefits of your business.

Become part of the payments solution for your not-for-profit clients by working with a company that can fulfill all your needs. Join the industry’s leading partner in Non-Profit by contacting Jim Mullane at 631.840.6934, or by email at

† PayPal acceptance only with PayPal payment card at the point of sale; no card-not-present transactions accepted.
* Merchants eligible to accept American Express Cards directly through TransFirst are those that process less than $1,000,000 in American Express annual charge volume. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply.
Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are not necessarily affiliated with TransFirst.
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