Health and Public Service Integrations

Credit Card Processing for Health and Public Service Integrations

Healthcare providers, government agencies and nonprofit organizations rely on companies like yours that provide software and services to help them collect payments and serve their constituencies more efficiently. As your clients’ trusted advisor, it is important that you partner with a payment solutions provider that offers the experience, innovation and strength to help you gain new clients, satisfy your existing ones and increase your revenue. TransFirst is that provider.

TransFirst will team up with your company to create a customized, growth-oriented payment program that seamlessly integrates our transaction processing products and services with your existing product. The result can provide your healthcare, government and nonprofit clients with the ability to collect more payments, keep their patients and constituencies highly satisfied and run their organizations with greater efficiency. It’s a win–win situation for everyone.

This video shows how TransFirst’s solution works for healthcare services companies.

Why Partner With TransFirst

Providers. Citizens. Constituents. Students. Donors. For healthcare services companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, all of these words have one thing in common — they’re your clients, and their needs come first. TransFirst’s integrated payment processing solutions make it easy for all your clients to collect payments and donations, and this helps you help your clients meet their critical business needs:

Payment Assurance: New payment models in the healthcare industry have changed the way providers collect patient obligations. Government services and nonprofits depend on timely payments and donations to keep their own organizations financially sound. With TransFirst, you can help your clients collect more payments faster.

Client Satisfaction: Patients, constituents and donors want to make payments and donations when and how they want to. With TransFirst, you can integrate with electronic payment solutions that offer ease and convenience to everyone who makes payments to your clients.

Organizational Efficiency: Collecting payments is just one part of increasing revenue—your clients still need to be sure that money is not being wasted on inefficient systems. TransFirst’s tools can help you help your clients to streamline operations and lower business expenses.

Partnership Benefits

Flexibility, expertise, support. That’s what you get when you partner with TransFirst. Our integrated payment solutions help you enhance the value of your product and increase your residual income at the same time.

  • Growth-focused partnership programs, including a choice of recurring revenue share and referral payment models

  • Fully customized, integrated processing solutions that focus on growth and cost savings for your clients’ constituencies

  • Expert integration specialists who work side-by-side with you and your developers, and provide sample coding, documentation, certification and testing

  • Security features including encryption and tokenization, plus assurance of support in maintaining industry and regulatory compliance

  • Dedicated team of partner support professionals for you, including a relationship manager and business development and marketing specialists

Processing solutions for Your Clients

  • Multiple payment options: Your clients can accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® credit and debit cards, with the same rate for all card brands*, along with electronic checks and, for healthcare providers, HSA and FSA cards.

  • 24/7/365 customer service: If your clients have questions about their payment processing, our live, U.S.-based experts are there, all day and every day.

  • Payment scheduling: Clients can set up regular payment plans for their payers, either regular subscription-style payment or pay-downs of large balances divided into smaller monthly payments.

  • Customized reporting: Our online reporting system lets your clients monitor payment activity anytime, anywhere there’s an Internet connection; and payments are posted automatically for real-time information.

Why not find out more about how a partnership with TransFirst can help you take your healthcare services business, government agency or nonprofit organization to the next level. Simply fill out the form on the right side of the page and one of TransFirst’s partnership specialists will contact you.


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