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TransFirst is a non-bank-owned electronic payment merchant services provider with over 20 years of experience in helping our thousands of sales partner branch locations vie for new customers every day. In a dynamic economic climate, financial institutions face new challenges with growing additional sources of revenue, new DDA growth and providing a one-stop client experience. TransFirst was built with the flexibility needed to function as an extension of your financial institution’s culture while helping drive portfolio growth through cutting edge products and services that your clients expect.

Merchant services has evolved into a product your clients expect from their financial institution. Let TransFirst earn the opportunity to review your institution’s current program and build a completely customized solution that delivers profitable non-interest income and long term portfolio growth.

TransFirst - A Relationship You Can Trust

Why Partner with TransFirst

Relationship building is at the core of how we do business, and it’s based on three simple, yet critical, strategic objectives: Trust, Innovation and Collaboration.


    Trust is the foundation on which TransFirst has been building sales partnerships since 1995. Our two decades of proven experience and stable non-bank ownership drive our commitment to develop mutually beneficial sales partnerships. Merchant services is our only business, enabling us to deliver consistently superior results to our sales partners through the combined help of our 1,000+ dedicated and trained professional employees, which has also earned us trust and a long-standing A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 


    Innovation helps our sales partners compete, win and generate non-interest income in the ever-changing technology landscape of merchant services. Our innovation shines through our customizable processing technologies; full-service, start-to-finish transaction platform; creative marketing and sales programs; and proprietary client retention software. All are designed to augment our financial institution partners’ revenue growth and client satisfaction. 


    Collaboration is centered on combining our years of experience with yours, creating a true team approach and a winning combination. TransFirst believes in turning a traditional “vendor” program into a long-lasting sales partnership that functions as an extension of your financial institution. Your business is our business, and through continual communication, quarterly steering committee meetings and dedicated support teams, your institution’s clients will benefit from a one-stop environment. TransFirst is built on a large scale platform that can compete while remaining nimble enough to foster collaboration.


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  • Customized Sales Programs

    TransFirst offers four distinct merchant services plans for financial institutions. Each plan provides a different level of collaboration between TransFirst and your institution.

    • Agent Bank Program: Your institution sells TransFirst’s merchant services directly to your business customers. TransFirst provides full-service support with essential services. Plan benefits include credit review within hours of application completion, comprehensive partner sales support, comprehensive online reporting 24/7 and fee income opportunities.
    • Referral Bank Program: No-liability program provides essential services for your institution to refer your business customers to TransFirst for a full package of merchant services. Plan benefits include monthly residual payments for processed sales, credit review within 12 hours of application completion, monthly merchant reports and comprehensive partner sales support.
    • RSA Partner Program: TransFirst sales reps sell merchant services programs to your business customers. Your institution earns deposit and non-interest revenue without significant cost investment. Plan benefits include competitive revenue-based pricing, comprehensive partner sales support, and cross-selling and retention opportunities.
    • Customized Hybrid Program: Design a merchant services support plan that works with your financial institution. You maintain face-to-face contact with your business customers, while TransFirst assigns an internal account executive to handle analysis, pricing, product and sales support in the background. Plan benefits include revenue split between TransFirst and financial institution, comprehensive partner sales support and merchant application processing.
  • FI Support Programs

    TransFirst’s in-house financial institutions support team works with your sales staff to maximize new customer acquisition and current customer retention. Your own dedicated support team will assist you and your clients.

    • Merchant Support
    • National Account Support
    • Partner Support
    • GM Support
    • Integrations Support


    TransFirst’s proprietary reporting tools help both the financial institution and its merchants manage payment transactions through a variety of comprehensive reports, available online 24/7.

    • Translink
    • Data Warehouse
    • LMS Reporting
    • Customized Requests

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  • Portfolio Growth Strategy

    TransFirst’s Financial Institutions division develops and implements business growth while providing world class service to more than 400 financial institutions with ongoing training to help them grow their portfolios.

    • Targeted Marketing
    • Daily Files
    • ACH Files
    • Self-Sourced Referrals

    Conversion Strategy

    TransFirst’s Conversion Department typically converts 90 percent of merchant portfolios within the first 60 to 90 days from the start of a conversion.  We provide a Conversion Manager to develop a custom plan for each financial institution.

    • Re-solicit Program
    • Traditional Conversion
    • On and Offsite Teams
  • Knowledge Center

    TransFirst’s one-stop online resource includes information on applications and forms, products, pricing, marketing and announcements — and you can sign up for onsite training and view recorded e-learning courses for our products and services.

    • TFU Online
    • ABC Calls
    • Live Training Seminars
    • Onsite Trainers


    TransFirst offers expert advice on product availability, technology, merchant application and boarding, and testing to determine which products and services best meet your clients’ needs. 

    • Terminal
    • Gateway
    • Mobile
    • POS
    • Integrations
    • Loyalty
    • ELAPP®

Operations and Support

Operations & Support for Financial Institutions

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