TransFreedom®: The Flat-Fee Processing Solution


Save time and money while growing your business with TransFreedom, TransFirst®’s one package-one price solution for accepting credit cards.

Say “goodbye” to complicated payment processing and hidden fees when you sign up for TransFreedom and its one low monthly fee, state-of-the-art technology, superior customer support and no-hassle statement reconciliation — all for big savings!

What is TransFreedom?

TransFreedom is an innovative bundled pricing package that simplifies merchant billing and maximizing your ROI by combining several individual monthly charges into a single monthly fee that’s lower than you may imagine. It does away with hidden fees and charges, and it makes statement reconciliation easy by eliminating the need to figure out interchange rates and interpret qualifying rules.

TransFreedom is available to any retail or mail order/telephone order merchant that processes $20,000 or less monthly; seasonal merchants are not eligible.

TransFreedom Works for You

Serious savings made simple is the idea behind TransFreedom. At TransFirst, we believe that no one knows your business better than you, so you should decide how much to pay for merchant services.

With TransFreedom, you get the flexibility to decide which of several fee structure options works best for your business based on your monthly processing volume and average ticket size.

There may be some months when your processing volume is higher than your average. TransFreedom accounts for that by building bonus volume of $1,000 into each plan. If you find that your sales and processing volume increase beyond the bonus volume, additional volume will be automatically purchased in $20 increments for each $500 in processing volume needed, allowing you to do more business and maintain your original flat rate.

Finally, if your business grows so much that your average monthly sales exceed the maximum allowed by your plan, you simply request a change to the next plan level and the savings continue.

TransFreedom customers can rely on TransFirst’s support to answer any questions about which plan is best suited to their business situation.

Fee Comparison

As a business owner, you have many important issues to deal with — reconciling confusing merchant billing statements, figuring out interchange rates and interpreting qualifying rules shouldn’t be among them! TransFirst offers the innovative TransFreedom bundled pricing package to help simplify that aspect of your business. Check out the fee comparison chart below to see the savings that may be available to you:

Depending on your business’s monthly processing volume, you can save up to 33 percent over the typical processing and reconciliation fees offered by other payment processors. You’ll also save time on statement reconciliation that can be used to grow your business and boost your bottom line.

TransFreedom Services

In addition to saving you money, the TransFreedom bundled package also includes a number of fees and valuable services for your business. They include:

  • Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover® processing fees
  • PIN processing fees
  • batch close fee
  • online reporting access
  • PCI Compliance Program/fee
  • Data Breach Security Program/fee
  • statement fee
  • services fees
  • annual fee
  • three rolls of paper/month

TransFreedom does not include ACH, ACH return fees and change fees, American Express® fees, chargeback/retrieval fees, gateway fees (other than TransAction Central®) and other value-added service fees such as wireless carrier, check services or gift cards.

PCI Compliance and Data Breach Security Programs

Payment processing requires the highest level of security to keep you, your business and your customers safe from a data breach that could lead to credit card fraud, identity theft and other forms of fraudulent crimes. TransFreedom helps protect you with PCI Compliance and Data Breach Security Programs, both of which are included in the bundled pricing.

The PCI Compliance Program helps merchants certify compliance with the mandatory PCI security requirements, including:

  • an online portal to complete a required self-assessment questionnaire (PCI SAQ)
  • network vulnerability scanning (PCI scan)  for merchants with external-facing IP addresses
  • sample security policy resources

The Data Breach Security Program helps to shield merchants from the costly fees and fines for the most common forms of data compromise. The program provides:

  • up to $100,000 in coverage per location for fines or penalties levied by card associations
  • card replacement costs and related expenses
  • costs of security assessments by qualified security assessors (PCI audit ) and/or forensic audits
  • post-breach service expenses

Get Started With TransFreedom

When you’re ready to start simplifying your payment processing, TransFirst is ready to help. To get started with TransFreedom, simply fill out the form on this page and a TransFirst representative will contact you.

Rate is based on monthly processing volume and average ticket size. In addition to your TransFreedom Monthly Fee, Automatic Volume Purchase billing may apply to volume processed in excess of the current pricing tier at a rate of $20.00 per every $500.00 in additional processed volume. No refund will be provided if the actual average volume is lower than the Tier Maximum of the plan. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Merchant account is subject to credit approval. Offer subject to change without notice.
* Assumes $2,500 monthly volume @ 2.25% rate.
† Converted to monthly impact.


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