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Mobile credit card processing  is one of the most exciting technologies available in the secure electronic payments industry, and TransFirst® really delivers with PayFox, an easy-to-use application that can help expand your customer base and grow your bottom line.

Let’s face it, growing your business relies on making more sales — the faster you sell, the more you sell. On-the-go payment processing with a mobile card swiper delivers that capability by enabling you to accept credit and debit cards wherever and whenever the need arises.

The Power of Mobile Swipe

Like so many other every-day functions, processing credit card transactions  from a mobile device or smartphone is as easy as downloading an app. Simply sign up with TransFirst for PayFox, download the free app to your iPhone®, iPad® or Android device and plug in the recommend mobile card swiper — you’ve just created your own “terminal on the go” that can securely and efficiently process Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®* credit cards  and signature debit cards!

PayFox delivers processing flexibility needed to do business virtually anywhere — outdoor venues, clients’ homes or businesses, trade shows and conventions, school functions, farmers markets. In short, PayFox is mobile processing power in the palm of your hand!

Plug the PayFox mobile credit card swiper (priced separately) into your mobile device, and you’re ready to swipe your customers’ payment cards instead of tediously entering account numbers manually. Swiping a card reduces errors, speeds up the transaction, increases customer satisfaction and makes the whole process more secure — plus it qualifies you for lower, card-present processing rates , which means savings in your pocket with every transaction!

Payments processed through PayFox are authorized immediately, and receipts are emailed to the customer when the sale is completed — no more printer or paper roll hassles or expense! Voided transactions and refunds can be managed directly and conveniently from your phone or mobile device.

Credit Card Processing Simplified

Additional PayFox features include the speed and convenience of single-screen entry, secure data transmission via SSL connection, transaction authorization within seconds, advanced fraud detection with address verification support (AVS) alerts, the ability to add on gratuities, access to customer contact information and geo-location mapping technology.

PayFox works with iPhone® 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad® and Android version 2.2 or higher. Downloading the PayFox app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store is easy and free — just access it from your mobile device and follow the step-by-step instructions. An active Transaction Express® account for TransFirst’s electronic payment gateway is required to use PayFox.

Target Your Market

PayFox enables you to take your product or service directly to your target market, potentially broadening your customer base and boosting your bottom line. Mobile businesses — contractors, service providers, field management providers, caterers — can benefit from the PayFox advantage by collecting payment at the time services are rendered, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming billing and collection process.

Mobile card swipe is 21st century technology that can be adopted by virtually any merchant or service provider who wants to be competitive in today’s marketplace. To get started with PayFox mobile credit card processing, complete the form on this page and a TransFirst consultant will get back to you quickly.

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