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Whether you run a retail brick-and-mortar store, a mail order/telephone order (MOTO) business, or even an e-commerce business, credit card processing software is a cost-effective solution that can work for you! And you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware — simply use your existing Windows-based PC computer to process all major credit cards. TransFirst® offers Payment Terminal for QuickBooks®.

Payment Terminal for QuickBooks

Streamline your payment processing and accounting demands with Payment Terminal for QuickBooks, an add-on that seamlessly integrates TransFirst’s secure payment gateway, Transaction Express®,  with your QuickBooks accounting software for PCI-compliant online credit card processing to help you ease your back office burdens.

Software and gateway processing helps reduce fraud losses, saves you time and money, and provides powerful features and performance, including detailed transaction records and reports. These are benefits that stand-alone terminals cannot provide.

Software/gateway products are upgradeable and will not become obsolete like credit card terminals can. With an optional credit card swiper, you can use the software/gateway package in retail locations instead of a stand-alone terminal.

Unsure about which processing solution is best for you? A TransFirst representative can help you sort through your options and make the right decision for your specific business application.

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Payment Terminal for QuickBooks

Streamline your payment processing and accounting requirements with Payment Terminal for QuickBooks

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