VeriFone Vx510 Dual Comm Credit Card Terminal

verifone vx510

This terminal’s compact, all-in-one design offers the speed of IP processing coupled with value-added product capability. It can process transactions over a standard phone line or through the Internet using an IP connection. The ATM-style customer interface and integrated thermal drop-in paper printer make this terminal extremely easy to learn and use.

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VeriFone Vx510 Dual Comm Features:

  • Process transactions over a standard analog phone line or through the Internet
  • Supports credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards; electronic benefits transfers (EBTs); and more
  • Simple, intuitive, ATM-style interface for ease of use
  • Sleek, compact design minimizes clutter and saves counter space
  • Large backlit display
  • Triple-track card reader supports all magnetic stripe cards (including new drivers licenses)
  • Integrated thermal printer is exceptionally quiet and fast
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Two telephone ports eliminate the need for a second phone line

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