Credit Card Machines

Credit Card Machines

Find the Right Credit Card Machine for Your Business

Choosing the credit card processing terminal that best suits your business needs can help you reduce processing costs and increase your profits. TransFirst® has the expertise to guide you in your selection of the right credit card machine and PIN pad for your operation.

We offer the popular, easy-to-use options listed below that are fully equipped with the latest technology, non-proprietary and representative of the overall best value.

  • Traditional Retail/Countertop

    For face-to-face transactions in a traditional retail setting, it’s hard to beat point-of-sale terminals for securely processing credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checks, electronic benefits transfers (EBTs) and other electronic transactions. Simply swipe the customer’s card through the card reader and the terminal does the rest. Add a PIN pad to your credit card machine to process PIN debit cards and EBT transactions.


    These point-of-sale countertop terminals are the workhorses of the brick-and-mortar sales environment where card-present transactions are the norm.


    VeriFone VX 520

    Processing flexibility, speed and security packaged in one easy-to-use, tech-forward terminal that you and your customers will appreciate.

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    Ingenico iCT250

    Processing flexibility, speed and security packaged in one easy-to-use, tech-forward terminal that you and your customers will appreciate.

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    Ingenico® iCT220 CTL

    The iCT220 CTL terminal from Ingenico provides secure, flexible transaction processing, and is EMV® and NFC capable.

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  • Mobile and Wireless

    Diversified and on-the-go merchants rely on credit card terminals that can keep up with them by delivering secure processing wherever and whenever the sale arises. When you need to accept credit cards in the field or at a customer’s home, mobile and wireless terminals have got you covered.


    Whether you opt for our ProcessNow® Register or ProcessNow Mobile app-based processing solutions that turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card machine, or choose one of our compact and portable wireless terminals, you won’t miss a beat or a sale!


    Mobile and wireless terminals are the right choice for merchants who operate outside the traditional retail setting, and for service providers who need credit card processing on the road.


    VeriFone Vx680

    The VeriFone VX 680 is a high-speed wireless terminal that delivers brilliant performance and style in a sleek, portable package.  The VX 680 features touch-screen interface, unparalleled memory, NFC capability and integrated contactless connectivity.  Accept credit and debit card payments quickly and conveniently anywhere, anytime you need to close a sale.

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    Ingenico iWL250

    This terminal offers short-range wireless connection via Bluetooth, EMV and contactless card capability and a high-contrast backlit display in one compact design.

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    Ingenico iWL250 3G-GPRS

    Process payments — including EMV and contactless card — fast with powerful 3G wireless connectivity, then issue a receipt from the printer that’s built into this compact unit.

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  • PIN Pad

    You can’t process a PIN debit card or EBT sale without a PIN pad, and TransFirst offers a choice of models from top names.


    Paired with integrated point of sale devices, PIN pads allow the cardholder to enter their personal identification number into the system to complete the transaction securely.


    PIN pads are required equipment for any retail location or service provider that accepts PIN debit and EBT cards. Let TransFirst help you choose the PIN pad that’s compatible with your credit card machine.


    VeriFone VX 805

    A robust, ergonomic PIN pad for debit card transactions that delivers secure processing and features that are simple to use.

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    Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad

    A compact unit that simplifies data entry and is able to process EMV and contactless card transactions quickly and securely.

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    Ingenico® iPP310 PIN Pad

    The iPP310 PIN pad from Ingenico provides checkout autonomy, security and speed, and is EMV® and NFC capable.

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  • Credit Card Swiper

    A credit card swiper, or reader, is an electronic device that reads the account information embedded in the card’s magnetic strip that’s needed to complete a transaction. A swiper is used for card-present (face-to-face) retail transactions.


    Most credit card swipers feature an ergonomic, compact design and bi-directional read capability, making them extremely easy to use. Simply swipe the card through the reader to collect the necessary data, conclude the sale and issue a receipt.


    MagTek Dynamag Swiper

    The ergonomic design and compact size of this basic card swiper makes it ideal for use in point-of-sale situations where space is at a premium.

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  • Printer

    The final step in the credit card transaction process is issuing a receipt, which requires a printer. Many point-of-sale credit card terminals have a built-in printer, but they can also be bought separately.


    Printer options include thermal, laser or ink jet. Other features to consider when choosing a printer are compatibility with your existing processing system, convenient drop-in paper loading, an auto cutter, easy-to-read LEDs, a fast print speed and a footprint that takes up minimal space on a counter or shelf.


    Epson ReadyPrint T20 Thermal Printer

    Low-cost and quick solution for printing credit card receipts that comes fully equipped right out of the box.

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For more information about credit card processing terminals, contact a TransFirst representative to discuss your business requirements.

Trademarks are the property of their registered owners and are not necessarily affiliated with TransFirst.  Ingenico iCT220 CTL and iPP310 are trademarks of Ingenico Inc. and are used with the permission of Ingenico Inc. EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCO LLC in the United States and other countries.

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