What Is a Virtual Terminal?


A virtual terminal is a secure website that enables a merchant to process credit card transactions securely over the Internet. Instead of using a traditional credit card terminal, a virtual terminal uses a computer, smartphone or mobile device like a tablet, and a secure connection to process payments. TransFirst® bundles its virtual terminal as part of our electronic payment gateway, Transaction Express®.

Transaction Express and its virtual terminal have applications and benefits for many types of merchants and service providers. Whether you run a retail or e-commerce operation, mail order or phone order business, or you rely on memberships or subscriptions, Transaction Express can be the answer for your credit card processing needs.

This complete payment processing center is available to you online and anytime you need it with simple access from any device with an Internet connection. Major credit card and signature debit card payments are processed in real time from wherever the sale takes place — your place of business, on the road or your website.

Transaction Express’s virtual terminal provides your online customers with a secure payment page on which to enter their credit and debit card information. The data is transmitted securely via an encrypted SSL connection, plus there’s the added bonus of AVS (address verification system) to help reduce the risk of credit card fraud in card-not-present situations.

In addition to the virtual terminal, the benefits of Transaction Express include:

  • Shopping cart integration support
  • Custom integrations for secure authorizations
  • Transactions auto-settled
  • Batch processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Functionality of a terminal
  • Comprehensive reporting for B2B and B2C merchants

Just add Payment Terminal for QuickBooks® software to connect Transaction Express to your QuickBooks accounting software for improved efficiency and accuracy. Reap the benefits of real-time payment processing of invoices, statement charges and sales receipts, and the automatic posting of customer payments into QuickBooks, eliminating double entry.

Another handy feature is the hosted payment button tool that allows online merchants and organizations to create Pay Now buttons so shoppers can make purchases, make donations or pay invoices. Not only does this streamline the checkout process, but it helps protect customers’ sensitive payment account data.

Transaction Express is also cost effective because it utilizes your existing broadband/IP connectivity and eliminates the need for a costly, dedicated phoneline. Card-present transactions are supported via a USB cardreader device, which qualifies you for lower processing rates.

The Transaction Express web-based format provides simultaneous access for multiple users and locations — a real boon for diversified merchants — as well as processing and reporting from most web-enabled computers. Laptops equipped with WiFi can become mobile terminals, and the platform is PCI compliant, minimizing your exposure to risk from data breach.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive online solution to your credit card processing needs, talk to a TransFirst representative about a virtual terminal and Transaction Express. By putting your business’s payment acceptance in your own hands, you’ll have the power to grow your business at your fingertips.


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