Pros and Cons of Accepting Credit Cards


To accept credit cards or not to accept credit cards — that is the question! Actually, there should be no question about it because the advantages of payment card acceptance for merchants far outweigh the disadvantages.

Credit cards (and debit cards, too) are firmly entrenched in the American economy. Consumers like them because they’re convenient, flexible and accepted practically everywhere. Think about it: As a merchant or service provider, how often do you use a credit card to make a purchase for your business? There’s no doubt about it, payment cards are here to stay!

Accepting Credit Cards: The Pros

  • Consumer preference for plastic is strong.  According to the 2015 U.S. Consumer Payment Choice Study by TSYS, 35 percent of consumers surveyed said they preferred credit cards, while 41 percent said they preferred debit cards. The survey also reveals that consumers tend to use debit cards for everyday purchases and credit cards for online shopping or making discretionary purchases. Cash is their go-to preference for small-dollar payments.
  • Cardholders spend more than cash customers.  Thanks to their readily-available credit line, cardholders tend to make more impulse buys and often make larger purchases than cash customers. These tendencies all contribute to an increase in the average sale, which benefits merchants.
  • Credit cards lend legitimacy to your business. Displaying credit card logos in your store or on your website indicates to your customers that you’re a legitimate business that caters to their needs and their payment preferences.
  • Credit cards streamline the payment process. Swiping or dipping a credit card and receiving authorization from the issuing bank takes just seconds — certainly less time than it takes for a customer to write out a check and verify all the necessary information. Credit cards wrap up transactions quickly and neatly, sending a happy customer on their way and allowing the merchant to deal with more customers in less time.
  • Credit cards can be accepted anywhere. High tech solutions like mobile credit card processing, wireless credit card processing and online credit card processing have rapidly expanded merchants’ options for where, when and how they do business. Break through the four walls of traditional retail and explore new revenue streams with credit card processing.

Accepting Credit Cards: The Cons

  • Accepting credit cards is risky. We’ve all heard about credit card fraud and cases of identity theft. The good news is a reputable merchant services provider like TransFirst® offers its merchants PCI compliance and data breach protection programs to help protect themselves and their customers from these threats.
  • Accepting credit cards is complicated. Not so, when you work with an experienced processor like TransFirst. We provide all the technology, facilitate transaction authorizations and deposit the proceeds of credit card sales directly into your bank account within days so you can concentrate on your business and your customers.
  • Accepting credit cards is expensive. Credit card processing is a competitive industry, so you should be able to find the products and services you need at a price you can afford. TransFirst works with merchants in this regard. We even offer TransFreedom® to simplify the process with a single, flat-fee package of bundled monthly fees and services.

Still not sure that accepting credit cards is advantageous to your business on many levels? Talk to a TransFirst representative today and find out how we can tailor a credit card processing package to your specific needs.


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