Going Green with Mobile Credit Card Processing


Reduce, reuse, recycle — go green! The concept of doing more with less is catching on with consumers and businesses alike. One perfect example is mobile credit card processing with ProcessNow® Mobile from TransFirst®, which gets the job done virtually anywhere while generating a minimal amount of waste.

Mobile merchants and service providers appreciate the many benefits ProcessNow Mobile offers their businesses: a simple and free downloadable app that turns a smartphone, tablet or mini tablet into a terminal on the go; a mobile swiper that plugs into the audio jack on the phone or tablet; the flexibility to follow the sale wherever it takes them; the same secure processing that’s offered by traditional countertop terminals; and the convenience of being able to accept major credit and signature debit cards at the point of sale.

And, as an added bonus, ProcessNow is eco-friendly because receipts can be emailed to customers, instead of printed out on paper. For the green and near-green among us, eliminating potential litter is an attractive selling point!

For on-the-go service providers, mobile credit card processing allows payment collection right at the point of sale instead of generating more paperwork in the billing and collections process. And, at the end of the day, batch processing all your credit card transactions electronically means fewer trips to the bank, saving you gas, time and money. TransFirst deposits the proceeds from your sales directly into your bank account within a couple of days, giving you quick access to your money.

Other features of ProcessNow that can really pay off for businesses include:

  • Quick reconciliation of credit, debit, cash and checks
  • Live 24/7, U.S.-based support
  • Available next-day funding
  • Management of all transactions, products, devices and employees in one place with a single login
  • Easy tip entry at time of sale
  • Easy inventory entry
  • Analytical reporting tailored to your business
  • Synchronize information on multiple devices

ProcessNow Mobile is one of two options from TransFirst that provide a superior user experience over the traditional register-and-terminal setup that can help businesses of every size and type attain their greatest potential. By using ProcessNow Mobile and ProcessNow Register separately or together, you can accept payments from multiple locations inside your business or out in the field.

Streamline your operation by consolidating all payment acceptance in one system that processes transactions through a single gateway and gives you real-time access to all of your payments in any location. Add inventory information to the system directly at the point of sale, and maintain full control over which of your employees use ProcessNow and what functions are available to them. Since the software is app-based, updates and upgrades are self-directed and require no special technician or IT assistance.

Mobile credit card processing can be the answer for many businesses. Find out if yours is one of them by talking to a TransFirst representative today about ProcessNow. We can provide you with the merchant account, products and services you need to accept credit cards in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your business.

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