Insurance and Payment Processing Help for Practices and Merchants


Healthcare practitioners and small business owners have many things in common. They provide necessary services, have many responsibilities and face multiple challenges in managing the demands of the business and those they serve.  Healthcare insurance and accepting payments are two areas of concern that can sometimes be complicated – but help is available.

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Data Breach Myths Debunked


We talk about data breach frequently on this blog. We feel it’s an important topic that needs to be taken seriously by everyone because we’re all potential victims — consumers and merchants alike.

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Dealing With Suspected Card Fraud at the POS


Credit card fraud is big buzz these days, and rightfully so, given the impact it has on businesses and customers alike. The best defense against it is a strong offense, which begins at the point of sale with a careful examination of the card.

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Is Your Business Ready for Chip and PIN Transactions?


As we’ve been writing here for a while now, the United States is in the process of adopting a new technology standard for credit card transactions called EMV®. In less than one year, businesses that are not EMV compliant will be held financially liable if a fraudulent transaction occurs, so now’s the time to make the necessary changes to protect yourself, your business and your customers.

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EMV® Cards: Chip-and-Signature vs. Chip-and-PIN


EMV® micro-chipped “smartcards”, which are gradually working their way into U.S. wallets, come in two versions: chip-and-signature and chip-and-PIN. The main difference between them is how they’re authenticated at the point of sale.

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