Payment Processing Solutions to Meet Providers’ Critical Needs


Providers need solutions to help keep their practices on track by improving payment assurance, patient satisfaction and practice efficiency. Payment processing with TransFirst® can help providers meet their most critical needs.

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The Merchant Account Bill of Rights


If you’re just getting started accepting credit cards, you probably have a lot of questions — and that’s good, because knowledge is power, especially when you’re trying to choose the best merchant account for your business!

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Payments and the Internet of Things (IoT)


Have you heard the term “Internet of Things”? If you haven’t yet, you’re not alone according to a 2014 survey done by an e-commerce and digital marketing consultancy firm. Eighty-seven percent of consumers polled for the study were not familiar with Internet of Things (IoT). It’s a phrase that refers to the phenomenon of previously unconnected everyday objects (such as cars, consumer electronics and in-home appliances) embedded with sensors and computing power that enables digital access and control from anywhere — on a variety of devices including mobile, desktop and tablets.

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Understanding the Monthly Minimum


The merchant account monthly minimum is one of those terms that’s pretty much what it sounds like: the minimum dollar amount a merchant account provider charges a client for credit card processing within a monthly period. Whether a merchant hits the mark depends totally on their processing volume for any given month.

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What’s an Average Ticket?


Average ticket refers to the dollar amount of a merchant’s average credit card sale, or a mid-range sales amount. It’s calculated by simply dividing your gross credit card sales by the total number of credit card transactions.

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