POS Terminal Review


As its name implies, the point of sale terminal is where a credit card transaction actually occurs. Whether you call it POS, POP (point of purchase) or checkout, it remains the location where the hardware and software required to process a payment card sales transaction are found.

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How to Choose the Right Payment Processor for Your Merchant Account


When you’re ready to get a merchant account to enable you to accept credit cards in your business, choosing a payment processor should be based on more than just low rates. TransFirst® has even more to offer as a full-service processor. Our infrastructure, experience and benefits give you access to 24/7, U.S.-based merchant support and online account reporting — and if you’re looking for a provider to give you quick access to your money — you need look no further than TransFirst with next-day funding available.

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Recurring Billing: Worth Considering for Your Business?


For businesses that run on a subscription model, automated recurring billing is a highly-recommended merchant service that offers a win-win situation for merchants and consumers alike.  Sometimes referred to as recurring payments, this feature has multiple applications for a variety of businesses, including subscription services, dues-charging memberships, charitable organizations and utilities.

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Payment Solutions Can Improve Practice Efficiency


As insurance reimbursement rates decline and operating costs rise, the business of medicine gets complicated. The increased call for providers to serve a greater population of patients, in part due to the Affordable Care Act, makes practice efficiency of the utmost importance for it to succeed.

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TransFirst® Attending the 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition


TransFirst will be attending the 2015 HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Annual Conference & Exhibition, held April 12-16 in Chicago, Illinois. Our thought leaders will be sharing information about innovative payment processing solutions with thousands of healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world.

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