Review Merchant Services for Savings


It has been said that everything is negotiable, and that includes merchant services. In fact, credit card processing is a highly-competitive field, so it makes sense for merchants to review their merchant services package regularly to determine if they’re getting the biggest bank for their buck.

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How to Avoid E-Commerce Chargebacks


A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a payment card transaction with the card issuer. While chargebacks cannot be completely avoided, there are steps e-commerce merchants can take to make them less likely.

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Processing Options for the Omnicommerce Merchant


Omnicommerce is one of the new buzzwords in retailing. It refers to a multi-channel sales approach that encompasses brick-and-mortar, computers, mobile devices and beyond to create a streamlined customer experience.

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Avoid Becoming a Cyber Victim: 5 Tips for Business


Hackers, cyber criminals and identity thieves — oh my! When you became a small business owner, chances are you didn’t know you were signing up for the likes of them.

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The Mobile Wallet Market Forecast


A new Mobile Wallet Market Research Report recently published by Allied Market Research estimates that more than 70% of smartphone users are willing to adopt mobile payment modes and 15% have already completed the adoption. The mobile wallet system allows consumers to pay by smartphone, tablet or other app-enabled mobile device while on-the-go from any location, at anytime.

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