Credit Card Data Survey Reveals Disturbing Stats


A disturbing 61 percent of merchants in a recent survey were found to have unencrypted credit card data stored on their networks — specifically, the unencrypted 16-digit sequence on the front of credit cards, also known as the Primary Account Number (PAN).

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Fraudsters Have Wish Lists, Too


Have you ever wondered about what types of purchases fraudsters like to make using other peoples’ credit cards? Well, wonder no more!

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Mobile Processing Keeps Your Business Going (and Growing)


Not all merchants are destined for a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. For some, it’s the equivalent of being a cubicle dweller in the corporate world. They much prefer answering the call of the wide open road and taking their products and services directly to their customers and clients. When they’re equipped with the right payment processing solution, they can do just that!

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Avoiding Chip Card Delays at the POS


Despite the increased security provided by chip cards, some users and retailers are concerned about processing times and delays they’ve encountered at the point of sale (POS). Fortunately, there are steps business owners can take to help streamline the checkout process.

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Contactless Commerce Is Coming to a POS Near You


Since the first credit card was introduced more than half a century ago, plastic payments have been a contact sport. Now, with the development of near field communication (NFC) technology, POS transactions are going contactless.

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