Credit Card Processing for One Low Fee — It’s Possible!


“Credit card processing for one low fee” has a nice ring to it, especially if you’re accustomed to receiving a statement each month that includes a seemingly unending list of charges — half of which you may not even understand! In an effort to simplify your life and give you more time and money to invest in your business instead of paperwork, TransFirst® offers TransFreedom® to let you accept credit cards for one hassle-free fee.

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POS Terminal Review


As its name implies, the point of sale terminal is where a credit card transaction actually occurs. Whether you call it POS, POP (point of purchase) or checkout, it remains the location where the hardware and software required to process a payment card sales transaction are found.

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Recurring Billing: Worth Considering for Your Business?


For businesses that run on a subscription model, automated recurring billing is a highly-recommended merchant service that offers a win-win situation for merchants and consumers alike.  Sometimes referred to as recurring payments, this feature has multiple applications for a variety of businesses, including subscription services, dues-charging memberships, charitable organizations and utilities.

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Credit Card Processing from Your iPad®


When it was launched in 2010, Apple’s iPad® was marketed to consumers primarily as a platform for audio-visual media. It didn’t take long, however, for business users to latch onto the tablet. In its short span of existence, a number of iPad small business applications have emerged, including some that turn it into a portable terminal for credit card processing.

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Business Identity Theft Alert!


Identity theft is not a new phenomenon — just ask the estimated 15 million Americans who are victimized by it each year. What is new is business identity theft, a growing threat that the Better Business Bureau, FBI, state governments and independent organizations are now publicizing in the hopes of protecting the business community.

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