Cybercriminal Tricks and How to Beat Them


Monetary damage caused by reported cybercrime in 2013 in the United States amounted to more than $781 million — an almost 50 percent increase in reported losses over the previous year, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).  So it’s important to recognize some of the cybercriminal tricks your business may encounter and to know how to thwart them.

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Premium Credit Cards Deconstructed


When it comes to credit cards, there’s something for everyone: basic cards for beginners, low-balance cards for people with poor credit and rewards cards for customers with well-established, positive credit histories. And then there are premium credit cards, the domain of the high earners and big spenders who don’t mind paying a hefty annual fee for them because of the perks they carry.

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Which Credit Card Brands Should Your Business Accept?


Four major credit card brands dominate the U.S. market: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®. If you own a business that accepts credit cards, you may have wondered if you need to accept all four. The answer is “yes” if you don’t want to miss a sale!

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Shoppers Wary of Breached Businesses, Study Says


If you still need convincing that a data breach can have a serious and potentially fatal impact on your business, a recent poll of cardholding shoppers drives the message home. Conducted by, it reveals that nearly half of those surveyed say they’re likely to avoid stores that have been breached.

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What Info Belongs on a Credit Card Receipt?


The purpose of a credit card receipt is to document a transaction between a merchant and a customer with enough specific information so that both parties can clearly identify it. This is particularly important in the event that a return or adjustment becomes necessary.

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