American Express® and Discover® Score Big with Consumers


What’s in a brand, and how important is branding? According to Brand Keys, brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy, there are certain drivers that engage customers, engender loyalty and drive profits. The company’s 2015 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) examined 36,000 customers’ relationships with 540 brands in 64 categories. Among the ten entries in the credit card category, American Express and Discover scored highest.

Ten credit cards qualified for ranking in the CLEI, including cards issued by major banks like JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, as well as Visa® and MasterCard®. Overall, bank-issued cards performed poorly when it came to brand loyalty, and Visa and MasterCard finished fourth and sixth respectively. Discover and American Express tied for first place.

Reporting on the results online, The Motley Fool notes that Discover and American Express act as both a payment processor and the lender. “Handling both aspects of a transaction allows for more impressions with consumers and an easier ability to forge connections that Visa and MasterCard have clearly struggled to create,” it notes.

Additionally, Discover and American Express have each developed unique (and somewhat opposite) factors that boost their brand loyalty. While American Express targets “affluent customers that tend to be loyal to what’s perceived to be an exclusive club of cardholders and perks”, Discover “relies on being well-rounded with special offers and rewards”, the article points out.

“In a marketplace where brands struggle to create meaningful differentiation and engagement, those better able to identify customers’ expectations and address them via authentic emotional values will see tangible bottom-line results,” said Brand Keys President Robert Passikoff in a prepared statement. “Empowered and socially-networked consumers have come to expect everything from brands, particularly as regards emotional gratification and engagement. That’s created an environment marked by extraordinarily high levels of emotional expectations.”

That particularly holds true with credit card customers at the point-of-sale, who expect to pay for their purchase with their card of choice. That’s why it’s so important that retailers and service providers meet those expectations by accepting all major credit cards.

TransFirst® makes it easy. We have simplified acceptance of the American Express Card by taking on all card processing and servicing, and offering merchants one contract for all card brands. For participating merchants, this means simplified payment management with all card payment information included in one statement, a single contact point for support, potentially lower costs and faster payment because only one deposit is necessary for all card networks.

To qualify for our American Express processing option, all merchants are subject to credit approval. Merchants eligible for this offer are those that process less than $1,000,000 in American Express annual charge volume. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply, and the offer is subject to change at any time.

Are you ready to keep your customers satisfied by meeting their payment card expectations? Request a free rate quote today and talk to a representative to learn more about credit card processing in general and our American Express Card processing option in particular.

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