Consumers Prefer Cards to Cash, Survey Says


What’s your go-to payment option – cards, cash or check? According to a new survey, most consumers prefer credit and debit cards when making in-person and online purchases.

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Debit Cards Lag Behind Credit In Transition To Chip


If you, like me, have been wondering why you haven’t yet received the EMV® version of your debit card, here’s the short answer: federal regulations.

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Data Security Made Simpler: A BBB Initiative


When it comes to data security, most small businesses find themselves in a conundrum. Statistics show that small businesses are most vulnerable to hack attacks and data breach, so it’s critical that their owners take the proper steps to protect themselves and their customers. But how?

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Credit Card Fraud Defined


Credit card fraud is a subject that most people want to avoid, and understandably so. However, a basic understanding of what constitutes credit card fraud, how it occurs and how to prevent it can help merchants and consumers protect themselves and keep their financial information safe.

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Going Green with Mobile Credit Card Processing


Reduce, reuse, recycle — go green! The concept of doing more with less is catching on with consumers and businesses alike.

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