Tech-Savvy Businesses Get Ahead with Merchant Services


Without technology, few businesses can grow, let alone – thrive, in the modern marketplace. To help your business succeed, TransFirst® provides the equipment, software and services you need for secure credit card processing. With state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed customer service, our full suite of electronic payment solutions serves businesses of every size and from every industry.

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Want Your Small Business to Grow? Start Accepting Credit Cards


Many Americans have found a way to turn their passion into a business. After all, in order to have a fulfilling lifestyle, it’s important that you love what you do. Successful entrepreneurs start out with a unique product or service and find a way to market it, then turn it into a money-making endeavor.

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Smart Mobile Payment Platforms


Mobile payments are greatly used in Asian countries and are growing in popularity in the United States and Europe. Benefits to consumers include convenience and ability to get access to great deals and special offers. Merchants that provide mobile payment options show they are technologically progressive and can benefit from utilizing special offers targeted at their mobile payment customers.

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Straight Talk about the Cost of Credit Card Processing


One of the biggest concerns of any merchant who wants to accept credit cards in their business is the cost. TransFirst® has a no-hidden-fee pricing structure. Honesty, integrity and outstanding service are three tenets on which we base our business model. Regardless of the type of business you run, we will help you find the right credit card processing solution to fit your budget. We understand that it can be confusing to understand the rates and fees involved. The following information should help simplify credit card processing pricing so you can see the big picture.


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Card Present vs. Card Not Present Merchant Accounts


All merchant accounts are fundamentally the same in that they enable businesses to accept credit cards and other types of electronic transactions in payment for products and services. But not every business has the same credit card processing requirements, so there are a variety of merchant accounts to meet various demands. As a merchant services provider with years of experience, TransFirst® is well qualified to help you analyze your needs and choose the right merchant account to meet them.

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