Credit Card Terminals: The Backbone of Credit Card Processing


In the face-to-face retail environment, point-of-sale terminals are the backbone of credit card processing. Regardless of brand — and VeriFone and Hypercom are two of the best offered by TransFirst® — these countertop models will get the job done efficiently, securely and cost effectively for traditional brick-and-mortar merchants.

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Making Sense (and Cents) of Merchant Accounts


Chances are you already know that a merchant account is required before your business can start accepting credit cards. But you may not have considered how much sense and cents a merchant account can make from a business perspective.

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Merchant Services: Avoiding the MATCH File


Where do good merchants gone bad go to die? The MATCH File, a database maintained by the credit card associations that contains the names of merchants and businesses who have not handled their credit card processing responsibilities well and have had their privileges terminated. Basically, it’s a blacklist, and once you’re on it, it’s virtually impossible to get off it — which is very bad news if you apply to a merchant services provider for a merchant account.

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Merchant Services: What Is AVS?


If you’ve read or heard anything about credit card fraud detection, you’ve probably run across the term AVS, or Address Verification System. It’s one of several security measures available through your merchant services provider that, when used together, can help keep you and your customers safe from the criminal misuse of credit cards, especially in card-not-present situations.

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Credit Card Processing Solutions By Industry


No merchant should have to settle for one-size-fits-all credit card processing, and TransFirst® is dedicated to making sure that never happens to our clients. No matter what type of business you run, you can be sure that we’ll find the right credit card processing solution for you and your budget.

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