Countries with Established EMV Chip Use Experience Fraud Reduction


When the UK Card Association released its latest fraud statistics, a significant drop in overall fraud was reported for the second year in a row, making losses through fraud drop to its lowest point in almost 10 years. This decline has been driven by a combination of new technologies such as chip and PIN and increased consumer awareness. Overseas card skimming was long seen as a growth area for card fraud, but the introduction of EMV in tourist and other markets has helped bring this figure down.

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Advantages of a Laptop-Based Merchant Account


If you’re a techno-savvy entrepreneur, you may already be running much of your business from your laptop. But did you know that you can set up a merchant account that allows you to accept credit and debit cards with your laptop?

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What Is a Retrieval Fee?


There’s an old saying that into every life a little rain must fall. For merchants, that rain may start with a retrieval request, which often escalates to a full-blown chargeback storm. All businesses are likely to experience retrievals and chargebacks, and frankly there’s not a lot you can do to eliminate them completely. But it’s always a good idea to understand what you’re dealing with. We’ll begin by answering the question, “What is a retrieval fee?”

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Credit Card Processing Choices


If you’re having trouble sorting through all your credit card processing options, you’re not alone. Choosing the right solution for your business needs is critical, and even the most experienced merchant can’t keep up with all the technological advances in the industry. But TransFirst® can, and does!


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Credit Card Terminals: The Backbone of Credit Card Processing


In the face-to-face retail environment, point-of-sale terminals are the backbone of credit card processing. Regardless of brand — and VeriFone and Hypercom are two of the best offered by TransFirst® — these countertop models will get the job done efficiently, securely and cost effectively for traditional brick-and-mortar merchants.

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