Mobile Payments Deliver Cookie Sales for Girl Scouts


Back when I was a Girl Scout (many, many moons ago), the annual cookie drive was a really big deal. Cookies sold for 50 cents a box and all transactions were strictly cash. Today, it’s a whole new program. The price has risen with inflation, and many Scouts across the country now complete the sale by accepting credit cards that they swipe through a reader attached to their app-equipped smartphone or tablet (a concept that was totally unimagined back in the day).

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ETA Mobile Payments Committee Releases New Mobile Payments Resources


The Electronic Transactions Association’s (ETA) Mobile Payments Committee recently released three key resources to help navigate the dynamic mobile payments industry. These payments and technology industry leaders are charting a course for security, privacy and technology with the guidelines presented including:

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A Salute to Mom and Pop Business Owners


In case you haven’t heard, March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day, a time to recognize and celebrate the American dream of owning your own successful business. While not all small business owners are husband and wife (or even Mom and Pop), all need the support of the communities they serve so tirelessly and faithfully.

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Extensive Hacking Incidents Label 2013 “The Year of the Hack”


Add note-taking service Evernote to the long list of major companies hacked in 2013 which include: Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Tumblr, Burger King, Jeep and The New York Times. It impelled Evernote to issue a service-wide password reset.

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March Is Credit Education Month


March is Credit Education Month, sponsored by Credit Professionals International and the Credit Education Resources Foundation to help raise the awareness of consumers and businesses on credit-related issues and resources, including the importance of developing the skills needed to manage their finances efficiently and effectively. Small business owners in particular should educate themselves about the wise use of credit.

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