Advice to Merchants: Be Proactive With Form 1099-K to Comply With IRS Regulations


New IRS regulations known as Section 6050W went into effect at the beginning of 2011 with a considerable impact on the payment card industry. As a merchant it’s important for you to become familiar with how Section 6050W affects you and your business.

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Involve TransFirst® in Your E-Commerce Strategy


These days many businesses are building an online presence for their company. Whether you have a bricks and mortar location and are looking to migrate online, or if you want to launch your business with an online store, TransFirst can offer you customized solutions using the newest technologies to help you fulfill your e-commerce strategy.

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Perform Regular Software Updates for Optimal Data Security


Anyone who does not regularly download free software updates unnecessarily exposes their equipment to cybercrime, viruses, trojans and other malware, and misses out on bug fixes. Regardless of device or platform, the protection of a powerful security suite is essential.

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PCI Compliance and Other Ways to Effectively Observe Home Office Safety and Security Week


New beginnings can be invigorating as we evaluate what is working and what isn’t and craft a plan to make things better. It’s the season for making resolutions and January 6–12 is also Home Office Safety and Security Week. It is an ideal time to resolve to improve the security and efficiency of your computer system and home office.

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London Bus Riders Are Now Tapping Bank Cards for a Ticket to Ride


The big London transit authority, Transport for London, officially announced the launch of the first phase of its open-loop payment service. Open-loop payment systems allow customers to spend value deposited into them at multiple merchants, transfer it to someone else, and/or withdraw it as cash later. Mobile money, pre-paid debit, and other e-money-based systems fall into this category.

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