Emerging Leaders Program Open to Small Business Owners


Local recruitment is underway for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 2013 Emerging Leaders (e200) Initiative, a training program that focuses on owners of businesses that are poised for growth in underserved communities. Classes are scheduled to begin in April in more than two dozen participating cities across the nation.

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Leaving the Home Office Behind: What You Need to Know


Home-based businesses have many advantages for their owners, including convenience, cost efficiencies and tax deductions. In fact, more than half of all small businesses in the United States fall into this category, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). But what happens when you decide that it’s time to move out of your home office into new digs? First, here are a few indicators that it’s time to consider leaving your home office behind:

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In Appreciation of Telecommuters Everywhere!


Mark your calendars! The week of March 3-9 has been declared Telecommuter Appreciation Week by the American Telecommuting Association (ATA). Most appropriately, the week begins on the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell who, as the inventor of the telephone, could be considered the great-great-great-grandfather of telecommuters worldwide. If your small business relies on telecommuters to some extent, now’s the time to recognize their contributions.

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Tips to Help You Build Your Business Credit Score


It’s a good idea to separate your personal and business finances. Keeping track of deductible expenses can get extremely complicated if you use personal credit cards to pay for business expenses and don’t keep separate bank and credit card accounts for personal needs and business needs. Then work on your strategy to build good credit in your company’s name.

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Simplified Home Office Rules Benefit Small Business Owners


Many small business owners and home-based employees who are eligible to claim the home office tax deduction fail to do so because they don’t know about it, do not fully understand its provisions or find it too complicated to calculate. A new announcement by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may change all that, saving them time and putting some extra cash in their pocket.

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