Studies Say Small Biz Stick With Traditional Banking


Bucking the mobile banking trend that is emerging among the customers they serve, small businesses continue to prefer more traditional banking, relying on local branches where they can get personalized service for problem resolution, make payments and access to quick decisions on credit. That trend is supported by two recent studies.

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FTC Issues Report on Mobile Payments


The emergence of mobile payments as a convenient option for consumers to purchase goods and services is steadily growing, and with it so is the need to ensure that merchants and consumers alike are protected in the marketplace. To that end, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released a staff report highlighting some of the key issues facing consumers and businesses as they adopt mobile payment services.

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Big Data Can Transform Your Business — But Proceed With Caution


Something interesting was revealed by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), a leading global media analytics organization for the web. GLM uses text analytics of online content including press releases, social media chatter and the blogosphere to determine which buzzwords are currently baffling the world. According to GLM, the most confounding term of 2012 is “Big Data.”

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IRS Audits Focus on Independent Contractors


Several prominent business publications — including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and BusinessWeek — have been reporting recently on a new IRS crackdown on employers who misclassify workers as independent contractors to avoid paying employee-related expenses like payroll taxes. If your small business hires temporary non-staff workers, an audit by the feds could be in your future.

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You Can Benefit from the Many Ways to Observe Financial Literacy Month


April is officially designated Financial Literacy Month – a time to reflect on wisely handling money. What do we do with money? We earn it, save it, spend it, invest it, budget it, collect it and give it. All of these actions should be managed thoughtfully it order to experience financial wellness. Unfortunately, many Americans lack sufficient education about their personal finances and don’t know how to improve their current situation.

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