Tales from the Terminal: Transitioning to EMV®


I recently made a purchase with my new chip debit card at a store in town. While waiting for the transaction to be completed, I made light conversation with the cashier. “So, how are your customers reacting to the switch to EMV?,” I asked. “They hate it,” he responded succinctly. Apparently they are not alone.

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Payment Processing Trends for 2016


The start of a new year is traditionally marked by projections on new trends in various industries. 2016 is no exception.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Payment Processor


Merchant account services for payment processing are a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. What business can afford to turn away customers because they don’t accept plastic?

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Credit Card Data Survey Reveals Disturbing Stats


A disturbing 61 percent of merchants in a recent survey were found to have unencrypted credit card data stored on their networks — specifically, the unencrypted 16-digit sequence on the front of credit cards, also known as the Primary Account Number (PAN).

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Fraudsters Have Wish Lists, Too


Have you ever wondered about what types of purchases fraudsters like to make using other peoples’ credit cards? Well, wonder no more!

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