Small Business Saturday® 2015 Set for Nov. 28


Small Business Saturday — the 2015 edition — will be observed on November 28. This will be the sixth annual celebration of America’s small businesses and the many contributions they make in the communities where they operate.

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Top 5 Online Security Practices


Two new surveys — one of security experts and the other of web-users, all in the U.S. — focused on the same question: What do you do to stay safe online? GoogleTM, who conducted the surveys, wanted to compare and contrast responses from the two groups to better understand differences and why they may exist.

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The Role of the Terminal in Credit Card Processing


The terminal is the workhorse of credit card processing. Without it, the job just doesn’t get done. Consequently, it’s important for merchants to have a basic understanding of how a credit card terminal works so they can choose the right one for their processing needs.

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Durbin Amendment Backfires, Study Says


A new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond reveals that the Durbin Amendment, originally intended to save retailers and consumers money by reducing swipe fees for debit card transactions, has come up very short.

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ProcessNow®: Meeting the POS Needs of Small Business


Managing a small business efficiently and profitably is challenging, and a recent study reveals that choosing the right point-of-sale system can help. And while choosing one may seem complicated, keeping a few critical requirements in mind will help in the search to find the right system for your operation.

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