New eLearning Program Offers Payment Data Security Training


The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), an open, global forum for the development of payment card security standards, has launched the PCI Awareness eLearning program to help businesses understand the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The necessity for all businesses to be informed and proactive to protect their payment data and other sensitive data was never more apparent in light of multiple recent data breaches affecting millions of card holders.

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What is EMV and Why Do We Need It?


According to The Nilson Report #1023 (August 2013), U.S. payment card fraud increased 14.5% in 2012 to $5.33 billion, with U.S. counterfeit fraud alone accounting for 26.5% of all global card fraud in that year. This clearly demonstrates the need for a solution to help combat card fraud. Enter EMV®, a joint venture of the major credit card companies.

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Grow Your Business with Merchant Services


There comes a time in the life of every business when the circumstances are ripe for growth. Whatever your business plan, merchant services can help you realize it.

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EMV Is Trending: Are You Ready?


The United States continues to move steadily towards adopting EMV payment card technology, with commercial credit card issuers leading the way. Is your business ready to capitalize on this lucrative market by switching over to EMV-compatible credit card processing equipment?

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Processing Options for the Omnicommerce Merchant


Omnicommerce is one of the new buzzwords in retailing. It refers to a multi-channel sales approach that encompasses brick-and-mortar, computers, mobile devices and beyond to create a streamlined customer experience.

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