TransFreedom™, Innovative Credit Card Processing Pricing Package, Can Save Merchants Time and Money

Hauppauge, New York (August 8, 2012) – A merchant’s credit card processing statement can be long, complicated and time-consuming to reconcile. TransFirst®, a leading provider of secure transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, has responded to merchants’ needs with TransFreedom, a pricing solution that combines many of a merchant’s credit card processing fees into one single fee – reducing time spent, paperwork and payment processing expenses.

TransFreedom makes credit card processing easier for merchants in two ways. First, it bundles several fees and services into one single fee – that means fewer line items on a merchant’s monthly statement. And that single fee is often lower than the combination of the same fees as charged by other payment processors. Second, a merchant chooses a TransFreedom fee structure based on his or her monthly processing volume and average ticket size. So a merchant who anticipates larger average tickets and higher volume in the months ahead will chose a particular pricing structure based on those numbers, while another merchant who anticipates lower average tickets and lower volume will chose a different pricing structure. All pricing structures have variations built in to cover more or less business throughout the billing periods.

“TransFreedom offers merchants a cutting-edge pricing program that solves several of their most pressing needs,” says John Shlonsky, TransFirst’s president and CEO. “An important part of TransFirst’s mission is to help merchants grow their businesses. In that mindset, we created TransFreedom to make payment processing one of the less difficult aspects of business ownership. We want to be part of the solution. And by reducing both paperwork and the number of fees, we believe we can make a significant positive difference to a merchant’s bottom line.”

TransFreedom works well for businesses of any size but is particularly well-suited for small and medium- sized businesses.

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A leading provider of secure transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, TransFirst offers innovative products and services designed with financial institution, independent sales organization, healthcare, e-commerce, government and merchant customers’ unique needs in mind. By collaborating with our customers and utilizing strong industry knowledge, we help them grow their businesses. Founded in 1995, TransFirst continues to attain significant market share and world-class expertise in growing and profitable industry segments. Built on a platform of personal service, customer commitment and flexible pricing, TransFirst is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, and has operations facilities in Aurora, Colorado; Broomfield, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; Overland Park, Kansas; Franklin, Tennessee; Cypress, California; and executive headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Company-wide, TransFirst currently processes approximately $30 billion in annual sales volume for more than 175,000 merchants and financial institution partners. For additional information, please call 800.745.2659 or visit



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